Reliable car transport

  • Track & trace, secured and geofencing
  • Experienced employees
  • Unobtrusive transport
  • Cartrans always delivers

Secure car transport, safe and fast

We provide dedicated secure enclosed car transport throughout Europe. Our team of experienced drivers meets any deadline, for Cartrans always delivers.

Your precious possession, our pride

Of course we understand that your car deserves special attention. Being car enthusiasts ourselves our hearts beat faster at the sight of a beautiful classic car or an exotic sports car. Since all our drivers followed a special training course you can count on us to treat your vehicle as carefully as you would.

Safety means everything

In order to ensure complete security our enclosed car transport trailers are unobtrusive so as to avoid unwanted attention. However, they are equipped with track and trace software. Thus we can keep a close eye on all transport. Furthermore, we offer the possibility of having the car transport guided by a nondescript car or geofencing in combination with a PAC monitoring station.

For each major car transport

Do you have a car or a transport that is valuable? In terms of money or otherwise? Or is it imperative to meet the deadline? Then we are the partner of choice when it comes to secure and reliable car transport. Our clients are: car clubs, race teams, insurance companies, car dealers, importers and private persons.

Car transport Europe

Our drivers work throughout Europe. Therefore there are very few locations we haven’t driven to yet. Would you like to make a trip on the Ascari circuit or stylishly cruise over the Monaco boulevard without having to drive all the way there yourself? Our team provides the car transport.

The costs of car transport

The costs for secure enclosed car transport depend on both the distance and your wishes. As of € 185.00 we provide the transport. If you would you like to know how much your car transport will cost, we can offer you a customized quotation.

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