Reliable car transport

  • Track & trace, secured and geofencing
  • Experienced employees
  • Unobtrusive transport
  • Cartrans always delivers

Cartrans stands for choosing security

More than 25 years of experience in logistics and a passion for cars form the basis of Cartrans. In recent years we have built up a solid client base for which we carry out assignments every day. To guarantee the Cartrans quality, we use our own, unobtrusive vehicles and specially trained drivers.


All assignments are carried out by ourselves. We work for a large of group of demanding, but satisfied clients who we provide with the transport of new cars, race cars, imported cars, and classic cars.

Centrally located

Our offices are in Nieuwkoop, in the centre of the Netherlands, from which the car transports are taken care of daily. Here we also have our own secured storage space where we can store your vehicle.

Safety means everything

Whether it concerns secure enclosed car transport or car storage, our principle is the same. You can rely on us to treat your car just as carefully as you would. During loading and unloading, transport to the destination, and storage our processes are focused on both safety and security. Track and trace systems, camera surveillance, geofencing and special training of our drivers are all part of this.